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Club news

Swiss DayHearty South African thanks to our Swiss Lady Members who spoilt the Ladies Section last Saturday! Always a great day on the Calendar. Thank you Anita, Regina, Marianne, Ursula, Alexandra & Gjetrud. So many golfers, men included, were dressed in the Swiss colours and the Swiss flags were everywhere. It all looked very festive! It was a closely contested BB Stab!

Swiss Day, Saturday 2 March 2019
SAMHSIt’s been a busy week with the SAMHS (SA Army medics) enjoying playing their 4 day Championships at Southbroom. They thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to return next year!

Srixon Demo

The Srixon Demo last Saturday was well attended and it’s always fun to try out the latest clubs. Thanks Garath Arnold for your time and enthusiasm. Here is Bernie Vorster absolutely striping his drives!

A trip down memory lane…

The 10th Hole, Yester Year and today!

Condolences | Terry Dore

We extend our sincere condolences to his beloved wife Jean, children Andrew & Lee, Justin & Jessica and to all their many friends. Everything Terry did, he did with incredible enthusiasm, energy and great passion. The South Coast has lost an amazing man.A celebration of his life & memorial will be held at the Southcity Church in Ramsgate on Saturday 9th March at 11am.

Village News

Sensasia Day Spa is under new ownership and we wish Lisa all the best! The marvellous therapy ladies are still the same, so you can be assured of the same top class treatment that you are accustomed to. They are promoting a golfers special for March. See below for details!
The Conservancy RaffleThere are still tickets available, don’t miss out!

Upcoming events

The Score Card

Chicken Run
Malcolm Greenland – 23 pts
Joseph Stoellinger Eli Bachman & Jonathan Shaw – 21 pts
Heather Anderson, Danie Schutte &Nic van Deventer – 20 ptsSaturday 2nd March
Ladies – Swiss Day – BB Stab
– Anita Landolf & Alexandra Huber, 46 pts (Took no prize as sponsors)
1st  –  45 pts Eli Bachman & Rene Matthew, 45 pts
2nd –  45pts Lesley Godley & Di Morris, 45 pts
3rd –  44pts Irene Schanda & Shelley Myers onco

Men – BB Stab
1st – Tim Hitchins & William Penn, 47 pts
T2 – Vernon Duggan & Andy Bossard, 45 pts
T2 – Russell Mackenzie & Rob Meydell, 45 pts
T4 – Peter Volck & Steve Wells, 44 pts
T4 – Rory O’Donnell & Anton Leal, 44 pts
T4 – Urs Diethelm & Murphy Loeffler, 44 pts

Wed  6th March
Ladies – BB Stab
1st – Jill Webster & Allyson Thomas, 44 pts
2nd – Solange Fox  & Lee Mutch, 41 pts
c/o Heather Anderson & Liz Fertacz

Men – BB Stab
1st – Rob Meydell & Olliver Ransome 43pts
2nd – Roger Hissey & Paul Lawson 43pts
t3rd – Geoff Skelton & Paul Cole 42pts
John Lison & Piet Jouber 42 pts

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