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Tiger is back!

Once again the Masters was simply fantastic and how brilliant was Tiger?Now sitting with fifteen majors and I think he can make it twenty. He is just better than the rest and the rest are so good. The standard of play is amazing and with nine holes to go it was any of about ten players who could win. It will be so interesting to watch how the players try to handle Tiger going forward. His win is just superb for golf.

Well done to Justin Harding for a great tournament which already qualifies him for next year.

Photo credits: NBC News

Club News

Annual Fundraising SPCA Golf Day

Our Annual Fundraising SPCA Golf Day on Saturday was a great success. It was a BB Stab and the prize giving seemed ro be dominated by ladies teams.  Well done to all the players and thanks to the passionate and hard working SPCA volunteers who put together an amazing prize table and delicious snacks for all the players afterwards. Dalene was delighted to announce that the day has raised over R30 000.

Tee off for a good cause

The Southbroom Tennis Club is holding a golf day on Friday the 24th of May at Southbroom Golf Club with the intention of raising money in order to resurface the three tennis courts. Rolf Gudegast and his team have done an amazing job on the recent Tennis club house revamp. They have also planted trees around the courts and parking area. He really has transformed the whole area and it would be great to raise the quality of the courts up to the same standard. We are all so lucky to have this facility in Southbroom so any support would be great and watch this space for more information.

Easter festivities

The Easter weekend is close by and the tee sheets are filling. We have aGood Friday Alliance on the 19th, co-sponsored by Southbroom Supermarket and an Open Easter Saturday Alliance.

Pro Shop news

Village News

Wedding Bells

Hearty congratulations to Southbroomers Elmo van der Spuy and Michelle du Preez who tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at The Packshed ( on Saturday 13 April. We wish them all the best  and if you ever need a good Electrical Contractor, Elmo is your man! Contact him on or cell 072 902 5260.

The Grooms’ proud  Southbroom parents were Tracy & Eric van der Spuywho own and run the popular Mojo’s Resturant in Shelly Beach and South Coast Mall.

Fixture list

The Score Card

Friday 12 April
Chicken Run
18 pts: Geoff Skelton
17 pts: Gerald FitzGerald & Malcolm Sutton
16 pts: Colin Mckay Malcolm Greenland George Bothma &Augi D’ewes

Saturday 13 April
SPCA Day – Open BB Stab
1st – Candida Amm & Jean Corfe, 43 pts
2nd – Irene Schanda & Shelley Myers, 43 pts
3rd – Jill Webster & Bob O’Callaghan, 43 pts
4th – Bob Carmichael & Gordon Moody, 42 pts
5th – Norman Farrell & Peter Volck, 42 pts
6th – John Fox & Dave Fox, 42 pts

Simplify your short game
Practice, check, repeat on the course
Knowing exactly how far you hit each wedge with a short, medium and full swing is vital if you want to become an accurate wedge player. You can also start to practice different shots.
9-3 swing 11-1 swing Full swing
Bump and runs.
Flop shot.
Low shot into back pin position. Low controlled shot into the wind. High approach shot into
front pin position.
Armed with your wedge chart and your favorite distance with your favorite wedge, you’ll know where to lay-up if you can’t get to the green with your approach. That’s better game management. Every golfer, whatever their handicap, should have a wedge chart.
Fill your wedge chart
To gauge a distance for each of your swings for each wedge can be difficult without assistance. So why not book a session with us. Let’s complete your wedge chart and at the same time, we can look over your three swings. Maybe there are other improvements.
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Better ball striking
Struggling? Is it the release?
Last week we told you that one of the primary reasons that some golfers make poor contact is their weight movement on the downswing.
Instead of the weight moving from the back foot to front foot through the downswing, some golfers attempt to lift the ball at contact by making an ascending blow on the ball. This almost always involves the weight traveling the wrong direction – front foot to back foot – in the downswing.

The other cause of inconsistent and poor ball striking we see is the early release of the club; sometimes known as “casting”.

In this image, the clubhead is being released very early, and the angle between the lead arm and the shaft has been lost too soon in the swing. Clubhead speed will be lost at impact, and so will ball striking consistency. Good ball striking requires that the clubhead is released to the ball later rather than earlier in the downswing. Look how the angle between lead arm and shaft has been retained.
Most amateur golfers finish short of their target,
even after they’ve given it everything. If you’re a mid to lower handicap, you need accuracy, and that’s as much about distance. So think about taking one club more than you need and shortening the backswing and follow-through slightly.
What would improve your ball striking?
Is there a single fault that is impacting on the consistency and quality of your ball striking? How easily can it be fixed? It’s worth finding out because solid, consistent contact with your irons is one of the best feelings in golf. It’s time for better.
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Derek and Sheena