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Friday, 11 January

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Club news

Wishing all our readers the very best for 2019!

Now that was a non-stop season! Southboom was ‘choc-a-bloc’ full as was the beach with many happy families enjoying all the village facilities. Christmas Lunch at the Club was full and the New Year’s party was good fun. The morning  06.30-08.30 times for golf were extremely popular as always and the afternoons were steady. Always great to see the returning home owners and regulars, especially the families with all the different generations. A few commented they had been to Plett for the last few years and couldn’t wait to get back to Southbroom with its lovely laid-back, relaxed vibe! There were also many first-time visitors to the club and course, which is always lovely to see and listen to their feedback & their reactions!
Welcome 2019! Main Beach at capacity!
Umbrellas as far as the eye could see

Thank you!

Thanks to Tim & Lee Hutchinson for their great sponsorship of theannual  Douglas Green Bellingham Golf Day!Always a popular day and  this is one of the longest standing sponsor days we have!

 Sharon Turnbull Jackson & Della Kempthorne
Delighted First Place winners in the Ladies field
Cracking the Day with First Place honours, John Pinnoy and Bones Coertzen. Just thrilled to finish first!

Thanks to the Pro Shop suppliers for helping make The Pro’s Day a special one. Hearty congrats to first place finishers Dave Page & George Wright & Karin Asbock & Hannah Hierhold.

Another thanks to all the Members for supporting The Major Alliance Club fundraising day on the 5th Jan 2019. A great way to start the year!

Lady Captain Allyson Thomas enjoyed presenting First Place team with their winnings
Congratulations Greg Fox, Dave Fox, John Fox and Bob Thomas!
Bob shot 69  breaking his age on the day  & on the Pro Day!  Awesome Golf Bob!

Congratulations …

The FootJoy Cooler Box Sock promotion was drawn and won by Warren Petersen. Here is his delighted son Bradley collecting it to take home to the family! We so enjoyed seeing this awesome family & friends pic posted on facebook. Thanks to all involved for letting us use it as well! Great people, lovely vibe. Hope to see you all at Easter if not before!

 Bradley Petersen Making great holiday memories!
Super pic of the  Petersens, Omands, McDonalds, De Klerk and Edwards families

The Ladies Christmas Hamper was won by Lynn Blackstock and 2nd place Gjetrud Kok.

Upcoming events

The Score Card

Pro Day: Saturday 22nd December 2018

Men – BB Stab
1st – Dave Page & George Wright 44 pts
2nd – John Neaves & Norman Farrell 43 pts
3rd – Johan Wentzel & Riaan Croucamp 43 pts
4th – Gary Brackley & Simon Shusha 42 pts
5th – Anton Verster & Pippie Kemm 42 pts

Ladies – BB Stab
1st – Hannah Hierhold & Karin Asbock 41 pts
2nd – Candida Amm & Jean Corfe 41 pts
3rd – Biffy Dunn & Michelle Davies 40 pts
4th – Jeanette Peyios & Lynne Blackstock 39 pts
5th – Karin Asbock & Christa Sistermann 38 pts

DGB Day: Saturday 29 December 2018

Men – BB Stab
1st – John Pinnoy & Bones Coertzen 44 pts
2nd – Dave Fox & Greg Fox 43 pts
3rd – Cyprian Xolo & Simon SHusha 42 pts
4th – Bob Carmichael & Brian Hoggart 42 pts
5th – Bruce Matthew & Paul Lawson 42 pts

Ladies – BB Stab
1st – Della Kempthorne & Sharon Turnbull Jackson 42 pts
2nd – Lan Yeadon & Jeanette Peyios 39 pts
3rd – Irene Schanda & Candida Amm 37 pts
4th – Lynne Blackstock & Lee Varrie 36 pts

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

1st – Kevin Murray, Eugene Orsmand, Nic Van Deventer & Dawie Rynners 79 pts
2nd – Dominic, Grant & Darrel Caister & (Ghost) 73 pts

Saturday 5th January 2019

Major Alliance, 2 scores to count, 3 scores on 7 & 8; 16 & 17, all scores on 9 & 18
1st – Bob Thomas, Greg Fox, Dave Fox & John Fox 104
2nd – Allyson Thomas, Sandy FitzGerald, Lynne Blackstock & Janet Humphrey 102 pts
3rd – Rhona Topka, Helene Linder, Piret Vilborn & Hannah Hierhold 101 pts
4th – Malcolm Greenland, Colin Mckay, Peter Leeming & Gary Purtell 98 pts

Wed 9 Jan 2019

Men’s Alliance, 2 scores to count
1st – 91 pts Norman Farrell, John Neaves, Olliver Ransome & Rob Meydell
t2nd – 86 pts Andre Steyn, Craig Treherne, L Van Schalkvwk & Christer Solgevik
t2nd 86 pts Jim Cook Malcolm Dunn, Mark Becker & Laurie James

Ladies Alliance 2 scores to count
1st – 81 pts Candida Amm, Sandy Fitzgerald, Michelle Davies & Janet Humphrey
t2nd – 79 pts Jenny Westray, Di Morris, Lynn Doveton & Felix Lund
t 2nd 79 pts Biffy Dunn, Lesley Godley, Jeanette Peyios & ghost

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Derek and Sheena

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