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18 MARCH 2013



The South African Golf Association, (SAGA) will make the following changes to the South African Handicap Manual with effect from 1 April 2013 based on extensive feedback from golfers, club captains and club managers.

  1. Most likely score replacing conceded putt rule
    The current manual says:
    5.3.3 When a putt is conceded in an event in which completion of every hole is not essential, the actual score for the hole shall be entered, counting the conceded putt as one stroke.This section will be changed to read as follows:
    5.4 Unfinished Holes, Conceded Strokes A player who starts but does not finish a hole or is conceded a stroke must record the most likely score (see 3.15) they would have achieved. The number of strokes most likely to have been achieved should not exceed the maximum allowed on each hole as detailed in 5.3 above.3.15 Most Likely Score A most likely score is the score a player would most likely have achieved if he started the hole but did not complete the hole or if a player is conceded a stroke. This should be calculated as to the number of strokes already taken plus the number of strokes the player was most likely to have achieved more than 50% of the time.
  2. Maximum score on a Hole
    Based on recent surveys, the majority of Golfers, Club Captains and Club Managers have advised that the current maximum score per hole makes it difficult for players with handicaps over 18 to reduce their handicaps. The SAGA have therefore revised the maximum score allowed per hole and this section in the SAGA handicap manual will be revised as follows:5.3 Maximum score on any hole The maximum score on a hole for handicap purposes is 2 over par except where a player has two handicap strokes on a hole, in which case the maximum score allowed is 3 over par for that hole.
    Players should, where possible, complete every hole regardless of their partner’s or their opposition’s score. Where a player does not complete a hole they should record their most likely score. (See 3.15- Most Likely Score)
  3. Removal of the dynamic Calculated Rating (CR) calculation
    The SAGA has decided to remove the CR calculation from the system. The CR calculation adjusts course ratings based on adverse weather conditions. This calculation was suspended 13 months ago. It has been removed because the SAGA handicap is based on an average of the best 10 of the last 20 scores, so adverse weather on a particular day will have a minimal influence on the player’s average handicap.
    The CR calculation is mainly used in countries that use individual competition scores for handicap calculations and where every designated competition score is considered in the player’s handicap

8 MARCH 2012


Further to the recent changes to the maximum score allowed, the handicap manual stated by way of an introductory and explanatory note that “For handicap purposes only an Adjusted Gross may be submitted to the SAGA Handicap System” as well as “There is no limitation on the number of 2 over par or 3 over par scores that may be entered” by golfers below 18 and above 18 handicap.

The word “may” which was intended to designate a future event has been interpreted by some golfers and clubs as an option. The SAGA has therefore amended the word to “must”. The amended manual dated the 1st February 2011 has also been updated on the HNA and SAGA websites.

Kind regards,
Handicaps Network Africa

30 January 2012

Adjusted Gross and Maximum Score on any Hole

Dear Sir/Madam,

Following our communication last month and the distribution of the updated Handicap Manual effective 1 February earlier this month, we have received a number of queries regarding the change to the maximum allowable score on each hole for handicap purposes. The relevant section of the updated manual reads as follows:

5.2 Adjusted Gross and Maximum Score on any hole
For handicap purposes only an Adjusted Gross may be submitted to the SAGA Handicap System. An Adjusted Gross is obtained by applying the following rules to the score achieved on each hole:
Handicaps – Limitation on hole scores
+5 to 18 – The maximum score allowed on any hole is 2 over par
19 and over – The maximum score allowed on any hole is 3 over par
There is no limitation on the number of 2 over par or 3 over par scores that may be entered.”

Please note that as stated in the manual there is no limit to the number of 2 or 3 overs that can be taken in each handicap group.
The new handicap manual will come into effect on Wednesday, 1 February, and will be on the www.saga.co.za and www.handicaps.co.za websites for reference purposes.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact myself at justin@handicaps.co.za or email info@handicaps.co.za.

Kind regards,
Justin King
Handicaps Network Africa