Greetings from Derek Friday, 12 January 2018

It has been a non-stop December 2017 summer! The rain stopped, the sun came out, bit of a crazy wind some days, but all-in-all a good season. We look forward to a good year working with all our great members, happy visitors and the energetic 2018 committee.

Highlights of season included…

George Haswell & Jean Corfe won the
Spooner Rose Bowl 
Jean Henri Els is the 2017 Junior Club Champion
All the young men who played in the JUnior Club Champs! 
John Greve enjoyed
his first Hole in One
on the 8th Hole on 17th Dec 2017

Divan Greyling
Hole in One on the 4th
on the 22nd Dec 2017

   The Jan 100 Club Draw will be at 6pm on Friday 26th Jan
Attendance Prize will be R2000

Pro Day Winners!  Susan Omand & Gill Huddy

Pro Day Winners  Tony Westoby & Terry D’Ore

 Van Zyl Greyling won the
Ladies  Christmas Raffle!

Douglas Green Bellingham LadyWinners
Lynne Blackstock & Janet Humphrey (centre
congratulated by Augustine d’Ewes & Allyson Thomas

Gordon Moody & Dave Page
Douglas Green Bellingham Golf Day
Men’s Winners

The Club House was really popular with their new menu & later holiday hours!

Great to see the kids about!

Di Morris turned 70 in style in the Seychelles

Steve Lamont & Courtney James
got engaged on 2nd Jan 

Southbroom Major Alliance Winners!
Malcolm Greenland, Gary Purtell, Colin McKay & Ross Mckay

Main Beach packed!

So many enjoying the summer weather

Dear Social Members

We once again invite you to join us at Southbroom Golf Club for our upcoming Sunday Lunch. Enjoy a delicious 3 course buffet lunch, whilst listening to the chilled Madagascar tunes of Papa and Mama James. Please click here to view the menu. Please note that vegetarian options are available. For updates on the event you can follow the event on Facebook.

Kind Regards
Southbroom Golf Club Marketing Team

Friday 15th December – Open Day Alliance
1st – Pat Mavundla, Sbu Ntozakhe, Wesley McNeil & Cyprian Zolo: 95 pts
2nd – Norman Farrell, Don Osbourn, John Fox & Greg Hornby: 94 pts
3rd – Rodney Lowe, James Fergus, Karl Beck & Jan Kleinhans: 92 pts

Saturday 16th December – Ladies, BB Stab
1st – Jeanetter Peyios & Sandy Luus: 45 pts
2nd – Janet Humphrey & Jean Corfe: 43 pts
3rd – Biffy Dunn & Michelle Davies: 38 pts

Men – BB Stab
1st – Chris Visser & Graham Volck: 48 pts
2nd – John Lison & Piet Joubert: 48 pts
T3 – Malcolm Greenland & Ross Mckay: 47 pts
T3 – Roy Huddy & Peter Volck: 47 pts

Sunday 17th December – Spooner Rose Bowl
Mixed Greensomes Medal
1st – Jean Corfe & George Haswell: 63.6 nett
2nd – Meryl Chambers & Nick Riemer: 64 nett
3rd – Allyson Thomas & Bob Thomas: 68.6 nett

Tuesday 19 December  Junior Club Champs
Club Champion – Jean-Henri Els: 87 gross

Ind Stableford
1st – Graham Sole: 35 pts
2nd – Nick Mc Donald: 35 pts
3rd – Stuart Omand: 31 pts
4th – Connor Jack: 31 pts
5th – Connor Peterson: 30 pts

Wednesday 20th December – Ladies, Alliance
1st – Michelle Davies, Biffy Dunn, Glynnis Nisbet & Rene Matthew: 84 pts
2nd – Janet Humphrey, Shirley Jeffery, Augi D’ewes & Lynn Blackstock: 82 pts

Men – Alliance
1st – Malcolm Greenland, Peter Leeming, Ross & Colin Mckay: 95 pts
2nd – Gordon Moody, Steven Moody, Bob Thomas & James Thomas: 92 pts
3rd – Guy Wilson, Barry Stott, Mike Riemer & Andy Stott: 91 pts

Saturday 23rd December – Pro Day: Ladies, BB Stab
1st – Sue Omand & Gill Huddy: 46 pts
2nd – Janet Humphrey & Solange Fox: 45 pts
3rd – Jeanette Peyios & Sandy Luus: 42 pts
4th – Jean Corfe & Julie Walker: 41 pts
5th – Louise Leal & Jean Cole: 41 pts

Men – BB Stab
1st – Tony Westoby & Terry Dore: 50 pts
2nd – Gary Purtell & Pieter Els: 49 pts
3rd – Dave Donald & Anton Leal: 48 pts
4th – Warren Peterson & Ian Omand: 47 pts
5th – Gary Brackley & Sam Danforth: 47 pts

It’s just an iron, from a set.  This one’s a #7 iron.
You’re about to use it for your 2nd shot after a smoking-hot tee shot.
The green’s guarded with water on the right, bunkers at the front.
Now just three very simple questions.

The first time that happens, keep your score from that point and record it against your imaginary
hole 1 (hopefully it’s 3 or under). The next time, record the score against hole 2, and so on,
until you’ve completed 9 holes.

Derek and Sheena