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Course News!  The new tee on the 6th is looking great and it really adds some interesting options to the hole. Thanks for the pic Richard

We are gearing up for the Mixed Classic and welcoming players from all over the country and even the UK. Next Saturday, the Mixed Classic field will be playing at 12.15 shotgun start so we have availability at 7am shotgun  for our members or you are welcome to book at our neighbouring courses, they are offering our members great rates for the weekend.

Member News

Congrats to John & Maeve Mullane on recently celebrating their 60th Wedding anniversary. We are looking forward to all our swallow members returning for summer over the next few months!

Congrats to Van Zyl Greyling on winning the Ladies Raffle on  at the Open Day on the 20 Sept.

Condolences | Annette Brink

Sadly Annette Brink passed away on the 22nd Sept. What an amazing Lady she was and Southbroom is certainly richer for knowing her and much poorer without her. Annette possessed such a warm spunky character, full of strength and fun and always gave support, encouragement and shone positivity to so many – despite her own illness-  which she never mentioned. The tributes paid to her at the gathering last Friday were so uplifting for all. We extend our sincere condolences to Graham Volck the families  and all their many friends. Rest In Peace Annette.

100 club winners

HNA   Handicap Rules

There Is a lot of talk about the new Handicap Rules Effective from 1 October 2019.

All Players will have received an email from Handicaps Network and  the full GolfRSA Rules Manual can be viewed on either or

Rule changes to take note of:

The Golf RSA Handicap Rules Manual has been changed where necessary to give partial effect to the
adoption of the World Handicap System. These include, Change to the Handicap Calculation,
Maximum Score on a Hole, 9-Hole Scoring, Time to Enter a Score, Penalty Scores, and Exceptional

I have highlighted a few of the main ones for you:   all taken directly from the Summary
Essence of the System
The aim of a Handicap Index is to allow golfers of differing abilities to compete against one another.
GolfRSA present this Handicap System in the conviction that, when faithfully operated, it results in
an equitable Handicap Index no matter where golfers live and play.

A player’s Course Handicap is determined by multiplying a Handicap Index by the Slope Rating of the
course played before dividing it by 113 and then adding the Course Rating and deducting the Par of
the course. The resulting figure is rounded off to the nearest whole number (0.5 or more is rounded
Course Handicap = Handicap Index X Slope Rating of the Course /113 + (Course Rating – Par)

Exceptional Score
An “ exceptional score ” is highlighted on the players scoring records when the particular score
differential is 7 or more strokes below their handicap index at the time the round was played.

Most Likely Score
A “most likely score ” is the score a player would most likely have achieved if he started the hole but
did not complete the hole or if a player is conceded a stroke. This should be calculated as to the
number of strokes already taken plus the number of strokes the player was most likely to have

Most likely scores should be determined on any hole in accordance with the following guidelines:
Position of the Ball & Strokes to be Added
a) If the ball lies on the putting green and is no more than 5 feet (1.5 metres) from the hole: Add one additional stroke.
b) If the ball lies between 5 feet (1.5 metres) and 20 yards(20 metres) from the hole: Add 2 or 3 additional strokes, depending on the position of the ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.
c ) If the ball lies more than 20 yards (20 metres) from the hole: Add 3 or 4 additional strokes, depending on the position of the 4 ball, the difficulty of the green and the ability of the player.

Penalty Scores
Players have 24 hours in which to enter a score after the completion of their round. Any scores
returned after this 24-hour period will result in a “ Penalty Score ” being allocated to the player’s

Scores Acceptable
Maximum score on any hole
The maximum score on any hole is a Net Double Bogey (Net two over par or Zero Stableford points)
and the score the golfer must record should they exceed the number of strokes equal to zero
stableford points. For a player with an established Handicap Index , the maximum score for each hole
played is limited to a net double bogey , calculated as follows:
Par of the hole + 2 strokes + any handicap stroke(s) that the player receives on that hole*
(*or minus any handicap stroke(s) that a plus handicap player gives back on that hole).

For a player submitting their first scores to obtain an initial Handicap Index , the maximum score for
each hole played is limited to par + 5 strokes.

Players should, where possible, complete every hole regardless of their partner’s or their
opposition’s score. Where a player does not complete a hole they should record their most likely

Exceptional performance calculation (marked with legend “e”)
When an exceptional score is posted to a player’s scoring record , the Handicap Index will be reduced
in accordance with the following adjustment table:
Number of strokes the Score Differential is lower than a player’s Handicap Index in effect when the round was played.

Exceptional score reduction
7.0 – 9.9 -1.0
10.0 or more -2.0
• A reduction can be applied based on a single exceptional score.
• Reductions for multiple exceptional scores are applied cumulatively.
• A reduction is automatically applied to a Handicap Index after it is updated following the
submission of an exceptional score.
•  To ensure that the impact of the adjustment remains after the next score is submitted, the
reduction is also applied to the previous 19 Score Differentials recorded in the player’s scoring
record. The impact of the adjustment will become gradually diluted as new scores are submitted.
Where there are fewer than 20 scores in a player’s scoring record the reduction is applied to all
recorded Score Differentials.

Incomplete Rounds
If a player completes 14 or more holes, the player must post an 18-hole score. If more than 9 but less
than 14 holes are played, the player must post a nine-hole score. Scores for unplayed holes must be
recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed

Time limit on entering scores
A score should be returned on the same day as the round was played but no later than 24 hours
after completion of a round. The period of 24 hours is taken from 23:00 on the day of play to 23:00
the following day. Scores not returned during this period will result in a penalty score being entered
on the player’s behalf. Such scores are not to be deleted or modified by the player’s home club,
unless exceptional circumstances warrant such action. A player is obliged to enter a score on the
system before another round is played.

Handicap Index Calculations
Handicap Indexes will be automatically computed from 23:00 each day. Players are advised to
confirm their handicap indexes on either the club terminal, website, or the
HNA Handicap App prior to each round, as handicap indexes may have been adjusted over night or
due to an exceptional performance trigger.

Fixture list

The Score Card

Friday 20th September
Southbroom Open Day
Alliance 2 Scores to Count, 3 on the Par 3s

1st – Jaco VD Waal, Johan Neethling, Christo Esterhuizen & Herbert De Beer 96 pts
2nd – Norman & Shirley Jeffery, Bob & Allyson Thomas 94 pts
3rd – Bob O’Callaghan, Jill Webster, Ken & Alex Crawford 92 pts

Saturday 21st September
All Day Alliance
1st – Malcolm Greenland, Colin Mckay, Clive Miller & Nic Van Deventer 91 pts
2nd – Lorraine Cook, Sandy FitzGerald, Shelly Myers & Jeanne Powell 89 pts
3rd – Chris Ledden, Norman Farrell, Don Osbourn & Paul Lawson 88 pts

Wednesday 25th September
Open Alliance
1st – Damian Browning, Jason Ackerman, VZ Greyling & Russell Mackenzie 92 pts
2nd – Mike Lig, Kevin Stone, John Fox & Don Osbourn 85 pts
3rd – Bob Thomas, Pip Kemm, Pieter & Jean-Henri Els 84 pts

Friday 27th Sept
Chicken Run Ind Stab
1st – Rory O’Donnell 24 pts
2nd – Alex Crawford 18 pts
3rd – Paul Lawson 18 pts

Saturday 28th September

Ladies – BB Stab
1st – Lorraine Cook & Candida Amm 45 pts
2nd – Sharon Turnbull-Jackson & Lee Mutch 41 pts
3rd – Della Kemptorne & Heleen Hissey 40 pts

Men – BB Stab
1st – Roger Hissey & Bob Thomas 45 pts
T2 – Pieter & Jean-Henri Els 44 pts
T2 – John Fox & Tilly Nel 44 pts
T4 – John Neaves & Mike Lig 43 pts
T4 – Sean Baker & Dave Rush 43 pts

Wednesday 2nd October

Ladies BB Stab
1st-  Candida Amm & Janet Humphrey on c/o 39 ptst
2nd – Lee Mutch & Sharon Turnbull Jackson 39 pts
t2nd Margot van der Gaag & Jeanne Powell 39 pts

Mens BB Stab
1st-  Chris Ledden & Leon Oliver 46 pts
2nd – Paul Lawson & Jim Di Mambro 42 pts
3rd – John Lison & Rob Meydell 41pts
4th – John Fox & Vic Pretorius 40 pts

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PGA Tour’s longest player wins with Srixon Z-STAR

Cameron Champ has won his second PGA tour trophy within two years of switching to the Srixon Z-STAR XV golf ball.

On his way to victory at this year’s Safeway Open, Champ topped the Driving Distance and Scrambling rankings. An achievement no doubt helped by playing a ball that’s long off the tee and soft around the green.
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