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Club news

100 Club Draw

Don’t miss the May 100 Club Draw taking place on Friday 31 May at 18:00!

Mens Classic 2019

It’s the men’s turn! The Southbroom Amateur Classic is taking place on1st – 5th July. The field is a max of 180 players. See poster below and the entry link can be found here.

Course update

The Golf Course Committee is asking Members/golfers to please rake sand back to the middle of the bunker where possible to ensure the sand remains consistent throughout.

May really has wonderful weather, the summer stickiness has gone and been replaced with crisp fresh mornings with warm sunshine. We get many groups touring at this time of year and its good to see them enjoying all the South Coast golf courses!
Roel Germs Trophy

It was really special to see the Germs family enjoying last Saturday. Art, Jenny, Meryl & Roel played together and were later joined in the bar by Bessie & Jan. Roel presented the trophy to delighted winners Norman Farrell & John Neaves. It is impossible to measure how much input and guidance Roel has put into Southbroom over the years, from course to committee, and Southbroom sure has benefited and grown immensely. We salute you Roel!

Bess, Meryl, Roel & Jenny Germs Art, Jenny, Meryl & Roel teeing off
CONGRATULATIONS. Norman Farrell & John Neaves! Winners of the 2019 Roel Germs Trophy
Noelle Edwards Trophy

In the Ladies competition Lynne Blackstock continued with her great form and together with Janet Humphrey won the Noelle Edwards Trophy! Well done, ladies. Janet is also the new proud momma of little Misha, who whilst small, travels around town with them and entertains the all gym folk at their very popular Changing Gears Fitness & Spinning & Yoga Studioin Southbroom.

2019 Noelle Edwards Trophy Winners
CONGRATS Janet Humphrey & Lynne Blackstock
There is a new baby in Southbroom -welcome little Misha! 

Tennis Club news

Serving an ace with their first fundraising Golf Day, the Southbroom Tennis Club had a fantastic turnout last Friday. The field was full and happy andRolf Gudegast was delighted to say that over R55 000 was raised which will help the Tennis Club projects incredibly. Thanks to all the golfers who supported the event and to the energetic tennis committee for putting together a great day.

Sports Fever!

Soccer, cricket, come and watch the big ones on our great big screen tvs!

Village News

Keeping it Classical!

Click on the poster if you would like to know more.

Incoming mail from Ladies Classic Players

Gosh what can we say other than the HUGEST thank you to you both. We LOVED it so much. You asked us what we really really liked. Other than everything!
The personalized markers and goodie bags – the dancing – mainly Derek and Dane.
The show – the food was outstanding.
The slickness and extremely well organized 3 days.
The friendliness of everyone.
Thank you so much. And Derek thank you for doing our clinic. With everything else you had on your plate we really do appreciate the time. Thank you!
– Trish, Kim, Margie, Sonia & Sue P Alfred

Dear Derek, Sheena, Allyson, your wonderful committee, and all the other helpers — thank you for organising, once again, a superb tournament. I don’t know how you do it, it gets better and better. Every year you manage to come up with something different and the Dance Troup continue to excel. The atmosphere at Southbroom Golf Club is unique – so much warmth and friendliness. I certainly hope to be back next year unless injury, ill health or old age prevent me doing so!! Thank you once again. Kind regards.
– Anne Barrow

Thank you to everyone else in the pro shop and in the actual club. As always you put on the most fantastic tournament, I don’t think anyone can do it better than you. All the small and big touches, the fabulous gala evening, the excellent food (please thank chef) the lovely goody bags and just the well-organized 3 days.

Derek’s clinic, the extra little shots at some of the tees, the roving photographer, the brilliant and well-rehearsed show & music which we all loved, the décor, it as all just so well done. And of course — The dancing troupe!

And there was some hard work to get the course looking that good and cope with the previous rains. Well done. So our golf wasn’t up to much but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it was a real treat to be back at the Southbroom Classic!  Thank you to you all.
– Chris Fane Hervey & Cathy van Blerk

A belated thank you to you both for yet another outstanding tournament at the Southbroom Ladies Classic.  We look forward to seeing you both next year.
– Tessa Hinton & Jo Morley-Jepson

Once again what a great tournament. The food was the best ever and the hospitality from the Southbroom girls and staff were amazing. Once again thanking you for the hospitality extended to us all. All your hard work is greatly appreciated. Kind regards.
– Shirley Dallas

A short note to thank you all for another wonderful experience in your little piece of paradise! Your hospitality and organization always making us feel so welcome and relaxed. The food and entertainment was outstanding and your connection with the weather man was amazing!!! Thank you all and wishing you a wonderful rest of the year. Till next time.
– Marian Ledingham

Thanks so much to you, Derek and the rest of the team for an amazing tournament. We all loved the golf, the entertainment was spectacular, the atmosphere and spirit of all the players was amazing, and the organisation by the team was simply phenomenal. So much effort goes into organising a tournament like that, and it is so hugely appreciated and enjoyed by all the players. Thanks again, and best regards.
– Linda Aitken

Once again, my most sincere thanks to you all for such an amazing event! It’s very hard to put into words how great it all was and why…but as ineloquent as I am, I’m going to try??

Southbroom itself has a sense of magic for me. I was trying to put my finger on why it feels so special to me and why it seems to special to so many people, even those who have only visited for the first or second time. They too seem to feel drawn to the place and I thought it may be helpful to give you the feedback.

What makes it magical:

The Classic is very relaxed, fun, efficient and professional at the same time. That’s quite a hard combination to get right in any business. You get the balance perfect. You are serious about what you do, but yet you don’t take yourselves too seriously which makes for an unbeatable team –   DJ your ability to get up on stage, belt out a number in some tight pants, white vest and mustie are examples of your ability to work hard and play hard. You are not aloof, distanced or arm’s length. You are warm, embracing and hospitable.

Southbroom is like an extended family. From you as a team to the committee, the members and the staff. You welcome everyone and its sincere. You mean it and it shows. People want to come back because they feel like they are at home.

The Staff. You have some amazing staff members. I know you have had certain issues over the years, but in the main, it makes it incredible to come back each year and see Jo and Wilson behind the bar. I have seen them every year since I was allowed in that pub. Robert has been your caddy master since I can remember my first game there as a little girl. There are others, and I encourage you as a team to applaud them more, to make them the face of Southbroom where possible, to uplift them and honour them whenever you can. They are, quite honestly, one of the main reasons I love Southbroom so much – they are familiar, welcoming and part of the family.

Touch – all the little touches and thought that was put into the event, from the communication to the gifts, massages, drinks and snacks on the course – it was all laid on for us at every turn. We were spoilt rotten and it was wonderful.

The Pro Shop – as always, so well stocked! Sheena your ability to have an eye for what people like and need is uncanny and exceptional.

The entertainment was fantastic – all the fashion shows, the skits, the Legends and Winston Smile. All brilliant!  I think the world of you all.
– Lindsey Owen

Upcoming fixtures

The Score Card

Wednesday 22nd May
Ind Medal & Stableford

Ladies Ind Medal
Winner – Rene Matthew: 73 nett

Ladies Ind Stableford
1st – Janet Humphrey: 34 pts
2nd – Candida Amm: 30 pts
T3 – Jeanne Powell: 29 pts
T3 – Meryl Chambers: 29 pts
T3 – Lorraine Cook: 29 pts

Men’s Ind Medal
Winner – Bob Carmichael: 68 nett

Men’s Ind Stableford
1st – Billy Grainger: 39 pts
2nd – George Bothma: 39 pts
3rd – John Fox: 37 pts
T4 – Andre Steyn: 36 pts
T4 – George Haswell: 36 pts

Friday 24th May
Southbroom Tennis Golf Day, Alliance 2 Scores to Count

1st – Kevin Murray, Nic Van Deventer, AB Cronje & Eugene Orsmand: 90 pts
2nd – Bob Clark, Dave Rush, VZ Greyling & Gavin Sole: 89 pts
3rd – Bob O’Callaghan, Chris Ledden, Geoff Skelton & Peter Volck: 89 pts
4th – Paul Lawson, John Fox, Bob & Allyson Thomas: 88 pts
5th – Lynne Blackstock, Di Morris, Augi D’ewes & Irene Schanda: 88 pts

Saturday 25th May
Ladies – Noelle Edwards Trophy- BB Stab

1st – Lynne Blackstock & Janet Humphrey: 46 pts
2nd – Michelle Davies & Lorraine Cook: 44 pts
T3 – Val Volck & Sandy FitzGerald: 43 pts
T3 – Jean Cole & Sandy FitzGerald: 43 pts

Men – Roel Germs Trophy – BB Bonus Bogey
1st – Norman Farrell & John Neaves: +8
2nd – Anton Kohrman & Tony Westoby: +8
T3 – Gary Purtell & Colin Mckay: +7
T3 – Errol Amm 7 Gerald FitzGerald: +7
T3 – Arthur Lee & Malcolm Moorley: +7

Wed 29th May
Ladies – Ann’s Scramble – Medal

1st – 52 nett: Shelley Myers, Candida Amm & Sharon Turnbull Jackson
2nd – 53.5 nett: Lee Mutch, Karen Bridgeford & Heather Van Harmelan

Men’s Ind Stab
1st – 40pts:  Arthur Lee
2nd – 39pts: Russel Mackenzie
3rd – 37 pts: Brian Hoggart
4th – 36pts: Gordon Moody
5th – 35pts: John Lison
6th – 34 pts: Werner Duggan

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