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Club News

Club Champs weekend!

Our 2019 Club Championships were postponed from April to August because of the floods we had in April,
but  last weekend  the players still had a torrid time, with drizzly cold rain all day Saturday and strong winds on Sunday. Nevertheless, it was still a great weekend and there was some really good golf played. Well done to everyone who finished on Saturday.

Gavin Sole won the Championship with 68 and 68 for 136, just 21 ahead of George Bothma and David Rush.
Andre Attfield won the B-Division, with a great second day ahead of Chris Miller.
Jim Cook won the C-Division, with 74 points way ahead of Gordon Moody on 66 points.
Malcolm Greenland won the over 60’s medal, followed by Clive Miller and Chris Miller

Janet Humphrey won the Ladies Championship ahead of Rene Matthew. Jean Cole won the Bronze Medal, followed by Irene Schanda and Solange Fox. Irene Schanda won the Bronze stableford, with Lorraine Cook in second place.

There was a great vibe in the clubhouse after play with a whole heap of war stories being recounted.

Top Left: Congratulations Club Champions! Jan Humphrey & Gavin Sole  
Top right: Jim Cook, Gavin Sole & Andre Attfield!
Lower Right: Jan Humphrey, Jean Cole & Irene Schanda

Titleist Demo Day

Last Wednesday morning, Ryan Birnie from Titleist came down and did a demo at Southbroom with the latest irons. The T100, T200 and T300 irons are amazing. There are also blades that are stunning, but they are for the young guns. Amongst the T range with the correct shaft there are clubs for everyone, including the new TS1 and TS4 drivers. Then of course the new, seriously good putter range (which you will see on tour). Can’t miss! Technology gets better all the time and Titleist really have something special

Bob Carmichael and Errol Amm testing the new equipment in pic below, with Dane in the background rolling in yet another putt.

 I am doing some really good specials on the AP1 & AP3 2019 irons, which include some lessons. So, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. Great equipment and a good technique will go a long way toward your enjoyment of this wonderful game.

Around & About

Heleen Hissey & Gwynne Wright finished 2nd at the Hippo Trophy at Selborne this week. Well done Ladies!

Heleen Hissey & Gwynne Wright

Dads Army News

The recent Dad’s Army Competition was won on a count out by Malcolm Moorley. Piet Joubert lost the count out and received ‘The Don’t Panic’ Trophy.

Malcolm Moorley & Piet Joubert

What’s coming up?

Sunday Lunch

Be sure to swing by for Sunday Lunch this Sunday, 25 August. For only R125 per person, you can sink your teeth into our succulent roast port belly served with spinach, baby potatoes and butternut. Best of all, there will be apple crumble and vanilla ice-cream for dessert! Make a reservation at the clubhouse: 039 316 6026.

Spring Dinner & Dance

Don’t miss the Spring Dinner Dance on Saturday, 31 August.
Also commemorating Southbroom Golf Club’s 80th Anniversary. The Legends will entertaining us and there will be a full buffet! Book in the office: 039 316 6026.

Southbroom Mixed Classic

The next big event coming up is the 6th Mixed Classic. See the invite below and don’t delay if you want to enter, as the field is max 128 players!

View invite > Enter now >

The Score Card

Friday 16th August
Business Day
1st: Geoff Skelton, Gavin Sole, Derrik & Bruce Matthew – 98 pts
2nd: Bob O’Callaghan, Ken Crawford, Malcolm Greenland & Clive Miller – 90 pts

Chicken Run
Raeffe Dyer – 19 pts
Sue Kups – 17 pts
Dave Neilson – 17 pts

Club Championships

Men’s  Club Championship Results           (one man /one prize)

A-Division Medal 2019 Winner – 136 Gavin Sole
Runner-up – 157 George Bothma
Third  -157 Dave Rush
Overall Nett Medal Winner – 148 Mike Anthony
Runner-up – 156 Malcolm Greenland
Sat Net Medal Winner – 76 Errol Amm
Sun Net Medal Winner – 75 Grant Richards
B-Division Medal 2019 Winner – 173 Andre Attfield
Runner-up – 177 Chris Miller
3rd place – 181 Bob Clark
Overall Stab Winner – 66 Alex Crawford
Overall Stab Runner-up – 59 Graham Sole
B-Div Sat Stab Winner – 33 Dave Fox
B-Div Sun Stab Winner – 30 Gary Brackley
C-Division Stab 2019 Winner – 74 Jim Cook
Runner-up – 66 Gordon Moody
3rd place – 60 Malcolm Moorley
C-Div Sat Stab Winner – 27 Dave Page
C-Div Sun Stab Winner – 27 James Fergus
Best Gross over 60 Winner – 164 Malcolm Greenland
sponsored by Malcolm Greenland Runner-up – 170 Clive Miller
3rd place – 177 Chris Miller

Ladies’  Club Championship results (one lady, one prize)

Silver Division (Medal 0-15.3 HI) Ist Trophy – 182 Janet Humphrey
Runner-up – 191 Rene Matthew
Bronze Medal (Medal 15.4-36) Ist (Pat O’Conner Trophy) – 203 Jean Cole
Runner-up – 210 Solange Fox
Bronze Stab (Ind Stab) Ist (June Turner Trophy) – 54 Irene Schanda
Runner-up – 51 Lorraine Cook
Best Sat Stab Winner – 23 Di Morris
Best Sun Stab Winner – 33 Jill Webster

Wednesday 21st August
Ladies BB Stab
1st: Jill Webster Lorraine Cook – 46pts
2nd: Sharon Turnbull Jackson & Heleen Hissey – 40pts
3rd: Di Morris & Augi D’Ewes 39pts

Men’s BB Stab
1st: Errol Amm & Don Osbourn – 45 pts
t2nd: Roger Hissey & Paul Lawson – 44 pts
Jim Cook & Olliver Ransome – 44pts
Steve du Toit & Werner Duggan – 44 pts
t2nd: Brian Brasher & Jim Cook, Martin Hutton & Van Zyl Greyling – 42 pts

Spin: friend or foe?
The impact zone and launch
In the last weeks we’ve described how a simple swing fault (the angle of attack) can lower launch angle and increase spin, robbing you of 20+ metres of tee shot distance. Miss the sweet spot, and you lose more than ball speed, you also impact your launch DNA.

A common error we see is golfers consistently making contact below the sweet spot. It might still feel solid, but tests run by Golf Magazine revealed a likely loss of up to 4° of launch angle and an increase of nearly 800rpm. For the regular golfer that’s a loss of between 10 and 15 metres.

Most manufacturers are now working hard to release new drivers that protect launch and spin, as well as ball speed away from the sweet spot. That helps make significant improvements to average distance as well as increasing the distance on your perfect strikes.
Don’t let spin rob you
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It’s time to do something
Everyone benefits
Scientific research indicates that, despite the medical advances that are curing many diseases, the life-expectancy of the latest generation is going to be 5 years less than we currently live!
Last week we reported on the alarming rise in type-2 diabetes in children, youths, and teens.
We promoted golf as part of an active lifestyle. Well guess what? “Golf is proven to be great for your health over your whole lifetime.”
Golf and Health and the University of Edinburgh published an infographic that highlighted the level of reduced risk of chronic health conditions if you have an active lifestyle.
If you didn’t think that golf was an active lifestyle then note
just how active it is.
Help your family live an active lifestyle
So, as well as improving the life of a child or grandchild, introducing golf to a spouse or sibling whatever their age will improve their lifestyle and contribute to a longer and better life. It’s time to do something.
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Derek and Sheena