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Club News

More Board Trophy Winners

Well done to Trish Amm for winning the 2019 Adamson Trophy honours (Ind Stab) on Saturday and Arthur Lee for winning the Frank Eyles Trophy for the men. Always so good to win an individual board trophy. Well played.Riaan Croucamp was thrilled to enjoy his first hole-in-one, congratulations Riaan!

Arthur Lee
2019 Frank Eyles Trophy
Trish Amm
2019  Adamson Trophy
Riaan Croucamp
11th hole Sat 27 July
Southbroom Ladies Open Day

The ladies staged their Southbroom Ladies Open Day on Monday withAllyson Thomas and her busy bees putting on a great show and really making Southbroom proud. Shelly Myers and Eli Bachman won the day with wonderful golf. One of the highlights of the day was a hole-in-one by Della Kempthorne on the 14th hole.  It was Della’s first one and she was just delighted! Always special.

Ladies Open Day  players
& 1st 2nd & 3rd winners
Eli & Shelley, Sandy & Jean, Glynis & Leanne
Della Kempthorne aced the 14th hole
for her first hole-in-one
Talking about special, Sheena and I, together with our daughter Courtney and her husband Steve made a quick trip down to Port Alfred on Tuesday to share Connor’s 21st Birthday with him. Where has the time gone? On Wednesday we played golf at Humewood in Port Elizabeth. It is a magnificent genuine Links golf course and without a doubt in my top five courses in South Africa. It is in great condition, very playable and a wonderful test especially if a breeze moves in.

If you haven’t played Humewood it is a must on your bucket list. It is as good as almost any Links that hosts the British Open. So good. My top five in South Africa are Durban CC, Humewood, The Wild Coast, Leopard Creek and St Francis Links, not necessarily in that order.

For Interest, click here and let me know what yours are.
Very chilly & windy – but most enjoyable day at Humewood in Port Elizabeth this week
Congratulations Chris Miller!

Chris is our winner in the national competition that ran last week honouring Shane Lowry’s win at The Open.
Chris won a dozen Srixon golf balls.    Well Done Chris

Condolences  John Burnett

A long standing member & home owner in Southbroom, Mr John Burnett, passed away peacefully in Johannesburg this week.  He is survived by his wife Yvonne, 6 children and 13 grandchildren and 3 great-grand children. John was an incredibly kind, thoughtful man and one with immense integrity. He loved his family, his art, people and especially Southbroom and was always bringing family & friends down to enjoy his incredible hospitality (notably the Duikers group). We extend our sincere sympathies to Yvonne, Mark, Oliver, Linde, Joy and all family. What a legacy.

He will be sadly missed.

The memorial service will be held on Tuesday 6th August at 12 noon at the Rosebank Catholic Church, 16 Keyes Ave Rosebank followed by a wake at Wanderers Golf Club.      Swing Free John.

Village News

Ladies, because it’s Woman’s Day on the 9th of August Sensasia have decided not only to spoil you with one special, but two specials for the month of August. Because you are worth it! Limited space for the 9th special, so book today to avoid disappointment! Have a fabulous day and month ahead ladies, and thank you all for ongoing support.

100 club winners

Upcoming golf days

Sat 3rd Aug Presidents Trophy, BB stab
Sunday 4th Aug Surf to the Turf Scramble Drive Alliance Fundraiser
Sat 17th & Sunday 18 Aug 2019 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS

The Score Card

Friday – 26th July
Chicken Run
18pts Michelle Viljoen & Rene Frei 18 pts
17 pts Malcolm Greenland , Maurcio Da Costa & Mike Jolly

Saturday 27th July
Ladies – Adamson Trophy – Ind Stab
1st – Trish Amm 39 pts
2nd – Sandy FitzGerald 34 pts
T3 – Jeanne Powell & Jill Webster 33 pts

Men – Frank Eyles Trophy – Ind Stab
1st – Arthur Lee 39 pts
2nd – Riaan Croucamp 38 pts (Hole-in-one on 11th!)
3rd – Pieter Bekker 37 pts
4th – Malcolm Greenland 35 pts
T5 – Bruce Matthew , Jim Cook
T7 – Gerald FitzGerald  & Leon Leuws 33 pts

Mon 29th July
Ladies Open Day, BB STAB

Top 5/15  Winners
1st Eli Bachman & Shelley Myers 46pts on count out
2nd Sandy FotzGerald & Jean Cole 46pts
3rd Glynis Hutton & Leanne Ollewagen 45 pts
4th Jenny Hulley & Cilla Lindsay 44pts
5th Di Morris & Augi D’Ewes 43pts

Della Kempthorne: Hole-in-one on 14th

Wed 31st July
Open BB Stab

1st – 44pts  Bob Carmichael & Gordon Moody
2nd – 43pts  Jeanne Powell & Janet Humphrey
42 pts Barry van der Vyer  & Anton Lombard
42 pts Lee Mutch & Heleen Hissey
42 pts Ken & Alex Crawford

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