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View from our patio



Paul Lawson, who won The Captains Trophy last Saturday. Paul was the best playing Qualifier.
Delighted Rene Matthew was awarded with The Curlewis Shield, as the best playing Qualifier in the Ladies!
Well played!

Colin McKay was presented with a Qual chem hamper and a dozen golf balls from the Interclub Ladies as a token of thanks for sponsoring their Emoji Applied Outsourcing T shirts for Interclub!

Thank You Colin!

 Colin &  surrounded by  some of the 2018
Inter Club Team. Di Jan Lesley, Jenny
Michelle  Rene Sandy & Solange

Colin’s company  Applied Out Sourcing is also the proud Sponsor of Annual Southbroom International Shootout February 9th & 10th Feb 2019
 or 083 279 5939.

Great to see our ace Touring Southbroom Caddie Trerence Mngoma
in good company last week. He thoroughly enjoyed working at Sun City
and meeting his heros!

Pro Shop news

Is it time to  test new & upgrade your equipment?
We will be having Srixon Cleveland Demo Morning on the practice tee next Wed 21st November  from 9.30ish!



Rules evening


Friday, 23rd November
After the chicken run

Join us for a rules discussion on the 2019 changes at 6pm in the bar, and enjoy a Friday evening Fish & Chips special afterwards!


Diarise this in your diaries


Friday, the 30th November at 6.30pm

The November 100 club Draw starts at 6pm!
Followed by the Most Fowl Presentation & Chicken Run year-end dinner
All are welcome. The Southbroom Legends will be rocking the dance floor.
Book your table in the Office for only R150 p/p.
Take a look at the menu:

Tomato soup with bread rolls
Green salad

Beef Stroganoff
Roast lamb with mint sauce
Mediterranean Mixed Veg
Roasted Butternut with Pumpkin Seeds
Potato wedges

Malva pudding with cream and custard
Ice cream and chocolate sauce

Village news


What a wonderful street party last Friday evening Well Done To Main Organiser Deanne Purtell for co ordinating all and it was wonderful to see Dawne Murray enjoying her table of friends and family so soon after her double knee replacement! Amazing! This is the 3rd Southbroom Street Party     Dawne’s brain child and it was so wonderful to see over 320 Southbroomers and friends enjoying the special evening and a blessing that the wind gave us a break for a day!

Winston Smile entertained all in his amazing energetic style! The Bowling Club opened its doors and bar for those who had run out! Sally Harrison & Dave Page co-ordinated the beautiful starter platers!
Well Done to LM Café Maurizio and Bella took on the marathon task of 320 plated surf and turf main courses.
Desserts were stylish, tasty, yummy treats! Hearty Congratulations to all involved and especially to Realty1 Southbroom who are celebrating 50 years of Byron Purtell of purchasing the SEA Letting Agency in Southbroom. What a great achievement & family History.

Albatross Guest House has a new Chef!

My name is Nick Wilson, I proudly introduce myself to all South Coasters as the Executive Chef at Albatross Guest House. I have worked as both assistant chef and chef in various restaurants in and around the coast and so have grown in experience for the past 5 years.

I have had the opportunity to work in restaurants and hotels offering ambrosia dishes, for example, Casa Bella in Umlhanga.

I am passionate about cooking and was very proud and honoured, when I was head hunted by Albatross Guest House and offered the position as Executive Chef which I gladly accepted.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, small lunches and dinners.
I invite you to come and experience a mouth water dining experience.

Booking in advance is essential
Tel: (039)3166 572


The Scorecard

Friday, 9th November
Chicken Runners Ind Stab Front, 9 pts
John Fox & Van Zyl Greyling, 19 pts
Paul Lawson, 18 pts
Malcolm Greenland & Maeve Mullane, 15 pts

Saturday, 10th November
Ladies – Curlewis Shield
Curlewis Shield Winner – Rene Matthew, 78 nett

Ind Medal
1st – Jenny Westray, 70 nett
2nd – Candida Amm, 73 nett
3rd – Lorraine Cook, 75 nett
4th – Della Kempthorne, 77 nett

Men- Captains Trophy
Captains Trophy Winner
Paul Lawson, 77 nett

Ind Medal
1st – Brian Jolliffe, 73 nett
Ind Stab
1st – Peter Van De Walle, 35 nett
2nd – Clive Miller, 34 pts
T3 – Don Osbourn, 33 pts
T3 – Mike Lig, 33 pts
T3 – Dave Fox, 33 pts

Wednesday, 7th November

Ladies- BB Stab
1st –  Lorraine Cook and Jean Corfe, 45pts
2nd –  Rene Matthew and Margi Sherratt, 44pts
3rd –  Carol Lamb and Rene Matthew, 43 pts

Men- BB Stab
1st – Norman Farrell and John Neaves c/o, 48pts
2nd – Colin Steyn and George Haswell, 48 pts
3rd – Roger Hissey and Gary Godley, 47pts

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Dates to Diarise

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