Greetings from Derek Friday, 08 June 2018
When you need security for yourself, business or your home, you want to feel confident that protection is top priority. Maser Security offers you all of that. Looking After Southbroom Golf Club & a large percentage of the Village homes!

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Thanks to Richard Bridgeford for these super pics taken on his early morning walks around Southbroom.
Wonderful to see all Liz Nortons gardens coming into their element-  especially with the Aloes in bloom.  

Unfortunately the Black Lapels Evening on Sunday 3rd June has had to be postponed.
We will let you know when the evening is booked again.

This weekend we are hosting the Annual Sanlam Cancer Challenge   Ind Stab . R 75 comp fee   that all goes to Cancer.

The Annual Tuna Angling Club Fundraiser Day is diarsed for next Sunday 10th June   Shotgun start at .8:30am Scramble Drive Alliance    Its a fun family day  with the emphasis on a good time , and lots of interesting golf  and tradionally the Bar does well. there are a few  4 balls  available comp Fee R120  incudes 2 Mulligans and a light meal after play   Phone the Pro Shop 039 316 6051

Congratulations to our May 100 Club winners!

GETTING QUIZZICAL! Well done & thank you again to renowned Quiz masters Cleve & Julie Walker who put on another really interesting testing and enjoyable Quiz Night on  Wednesday night. The winning 4-man team ‘The Wooden Jabberwockies’ a skilled combo of Denton & Barbara Jabber and Alan & Felicity Woods enjoyed receiving their 1st prize donated by Felicity Cotton (we wish you well on your recuperation Felicity Cotton!). Osie Osborne won the Special Puzzle created by Mike Cole Of Coles Kitchens. We look forward to the next quarterly Quiz evening.

Julie, Denton, Barbara, Cleve, Felicity & Alan. The Wooden Jabberwockies cleaned up all the oppostion players! 

The Ladies Section Pam Quarmby Trophy Alliance was enjoyed by all. Playing off the red tees is always interesting and makes you really think what clubs you need to play. Thanks to Pat Quarmby for sponsoring the prizes in memory of his beloved mum and special thanks to Candida Amm for spoiling the Ladies with her delicious deadly chocolate cake  & the sweet potato cake . were enjoyed by all.   Meryl Chambers posted this wonderful pic of two true Southbroom Legends  – her mum Bess Germs & the late Pam Q.

The Pam Quarmby Trophy, Winners Top right – Jan Germs, Shelley Myers, Irene Schanda & Karin Asbock!

Chris Miller had a fabulous round on Wednesday shooting a 73 gross to win the Gallery Café Comp with Jim Cook on 52 points. Roy Deakins quipped that, although he had had a great round that including an eagle on the 5th , he and Roger Hissey  finished with a resounding 50 bb stab points score and they only finished second!  Errol Amm and Paul Cole were 3rd
Thanks to The Gallery Cafe in Trafalgar for the meal vouchers   call Avril  082 785 8603 to book  Blake Ave Trafalgar

Lady Winners Judy, Lorraine, Shirley Shelley Jo & Marilyn

Great news is that the Southbroom Garage has re-opened under new management. Please give them the support they need, it is wonderful to have petrol & diesel available in the village again!

The whole village is really looking great – what with Driftwood Centre being upgraded, Southbroom Supermarket in the process of installing more ATMs (some still to be connected) and a World of Asia Health and Wellness Spa opening next to Cam Properties and the increasing their range of interesting products daily!

Coming Soon! in Southbroom Supermarket

What a transformation for Driftwood 

Saturday 26th May
Ladies – Pam Quarmby Alliance (Forward tees, all four scores on par 3’s)
1st Irene Schanda, Shelley Myers, Jan Germs & Karin Asbock 109 pts
T2 Candida Amm, Mari FIelden, Magi Sherratt & Lorraine Cook 93 pts
T2 Rene Matthew, Sandy FitzGerald, Shirley Jeffery & Michelle Davies 93 pts

Men – Alliance
1st Nic Van Deventer, Mike Lig, Chris Miller & Olliver Ransome 94 pts
2nd Stuart Janvier, John Lison, Arthur Lee & Malcolm Moorley 91 pts
3rd Arrol Patterson, Brian Blackstock, Graham & Peter Volck 89 pts

Wednesday 23rd May

Men’s BB Stab sponsored by the Gallery Cafe
1st Jim Cook & Chris Miller 52 pts
2nd Roy Deakins & Roger Hissey 50 pts
3rd Paul Cole & Errol Amm c/o Peter Volck & Bob Clark 47 pts

Ladies’ BB Stab sponsored by the Gallery Cafe

1st Lorraine Cook & Shirley Jeffery 48 pts
2nd Jo Ledden & Shelley Myers 45 pts
3rd Judy van der Veen & Marilyn Forbes 44 pts

“Both these golfers see golf as a social pastime. It’s an opportunity to have an enjoyable outdoor hobby that they can enjoy with friends. They like to hit good shots but know they won’t have the time or inclination to commit to be as good they can be. But both could increase the number of good shots they hit quite easily if they looked for the easy, big wins open to most golfers.”

Your distance potential is determined to large extent by your clubhead speed and we
want to make sure you’re not losing out. We can do this using a combination of appropriate technique
adjustments and golf-specific fitness exercises.
Clubhead speed, as the name suggests, is the speed of the clubhead immediately before impact with the golf ball,
and it has a big impact on your potential distance.

Derek and Sheena